Wedding Cake Prices

Of course we can't give you an estimate from your favorite wedding cake bakery... you will have to head on down there and tell them what you want, and see what prices they charge! But most people who are approaching their first wedding want to know approximately how much a wedding cake is going to cost them. And we've got some helpful information for you.

The Bridal Association of America reports that the average wedding cake costs $543. You'll have to note that most bakeries charge by the slice, so the smaller the wedding, the lower the cost of your cake.

If you are getting married on a tight budget, you may want to simply get a small tiered cake along with a sheet cake for the guests. This can cost you as low as $1.50 per slice depending on where you order your cake.

If your budget is a bit higher than that but you're still watching those dollars, you can easily get a cake with two or three tiers in one of the most common flavors (chocolate or vanilla being the two most popular) for about $5 per slice.

For the wedding where only the most gourmet cake will do, you can splurge on a very tall tiered cake complete with those exotic fillings, gourmet frostings, and beautiful decorations for $10 and up per slice!

You'll also want to note that tiered cakes are delivered and assembled by the bakery, and there is typically a charge for that. This can run you an additional $50 to $100! There may also be cake cutting fees. Be sure to figure these into the total cost of your cake so you don't go overbudget. Ask about all fees up front!

To save more money, try to find a wedding cake baker who is new to the business, or ask your caterer if they can handle your wedding cake. If so, you may be able to skip those delivery and cake cutting fees altogether!

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