Wedding Cake Designs

There are many different ways to express your love through wedding cake designs, and when you find the one that just clicks with yourself and your fiance, you'll know! Some prefer something classic, some like something floral, some love something truly wild with pizzazz! Take into account both of your personalities, and then choose a wedding cake design that really expresses your love for each other.

On this page we're going to talk about some of your options when it comes to wedding cake designs, from the type of cake to the icing, from the decor to the shape of the cake itself. There are many options to choose from and this should help you narrow down what you really want!

So let's take a look at what's available...

TRADITIONAL WEDDING CAKES are always an elegant choice. Generally these consist of several tiers of cake. The flavor of cake can be just about anything you desire, with white cake, yellow cake, or chocolate cake being the most traditional choices, and of course white icing is the standard. The layers may be round or square, and they may be stacked on top of each other or they may have Grecian columns between them. There can be as few as two layers or as many as five! One of the more interesting takes on the traditional tiered wedding cake is a tiered stack of cupcakes. This combines the old with the new! Just perfect for a wedding that is both traditional and modern.

MODERN WEDDING CAKES can look like avant garde art if you so choose! You may simply choose to have a traditional wedding cake glazed over with shiny chocolate icing, and place some delicate flowers around the edges. Or you may choose to have a narrow tiered cake with sky blue icing and pearl accents. Perhaps you'll design a cake that looks like a stack of wedding presents! There are so many different options when it comes to doing what is truly modern. The possibilities are as limitless as your dreams!

WEDDING CAKE FLAVORS are available in such a wide array of tastes and colors! You can stick to the tried and true, or go for something really bold and unique. Here are a few of our favorite flavors: Orange sponge cake, swirled marble cake, orange mocha cake, raspberries and cream cake, carrot cake, tiramisu cake, cappuccino cake, red velvet cake, and lemon poppy seed cake! And these are only the beginning of the choices that may be available to you. Be sure to ask your baker what unusual options they have!

WEDDING CAKE ICING comes in several different options, many of which match up with different flavors of cake better than others. Your baker will be able to advise you on this. Your options will generally consist of cake decorators icing, royal icing, buttercream frosting, fondant, sugar paste, or marzipan.

WEDDING CAKE FILLING is probably our favorite part! You can put just about any type of filling in between the layers, but a few of our favorites include chocolate mousse, raspberry jelly, mocha buttercream, raspberry buttercream, and whipped cream. We also love having the baker brush a delicate liquer onto the cake for some extra flavor, such as hazelnut or almond! So delicious.

WEDDING CAKE DECOR can be as simple as frosting creations piped directly onto the cake by your expert baker, or as delicate and exotic as tiny real flowers pressed into the frosting. You can have inedible accents all over the cake, such as pearl branches or gem encrusted strands, or you can opt for all edible taste treats, perhaps including your favorite upscale brand of candy! At one of our friends' weddings, the bride ordered a cake with Godiva chocolates carefully placed around the edges of the cake so that each slice of cake had one piece of chocolate on top. It was scrumptious!

As you can see, the choices are as endless as your imagination. Now that you've got so many ideas to play with, the best idea is to sit down and simply imagine. Play with different combinations in your mind until you come upon one that really excites you! Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, so make sure that you choose a cake that perfectly expresses your love for your partner!

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